Circuit court hears cases

PARKERSBURG – Two hearings took place in Wood County Circuit Court Thursday.

* Aaron Christopher Lutz, 24, in custody at the North Central Regional Jail, appeared for a petition to revoke his probation. An agreement was reached for him to be placed on home confinement and one year was added to his probation. On Feb. 25, 2014, he pleaded guilty to a charge of burglary after he completed the drug court program and he was sentenced to one year in jail with credit for 90 days served suspended for two years probation. According to the petition he violated the terms of his probation by associating with persons that could be a detriment to his probation and consumed controlled substances.

* Darlene Kay Deegan, 56, 317 Locust Drive, Mineral Wells, was to appear for a final hearing on a probation revocation but is to be set for a later time since Deegan’s attorney did not appear. Judge Jeffrey Reed released her back to probation with no objection from the state. She was indicted with Thomas Deegan, 37, also of 317 Locust Drive, Mineral Wells, on two charges of manufacture of a controlled substance and conspiracy to manufacture a controlled substance by the May 2011 grand jury.