Young adult books for reading fun

There’s several new young adult books to get addicted to!

First, in a re-issue timed with the release of the movie is New York Times bestselling author James Dashner’s “The Maze Runner.”

Thomas wakes up in an elevator that opens on to a glade with only the memory of his name and nothing else about his history. He is one of the latest teenage boys to be dropped off into the Glade, a field surrounded by towering stone walls of an ever-changing Maze. Over the next few hours, Thomas learns that the boys are being sent by some unknown group who sends them supplies and a new boy every month, and have learned to adapt and survive – all doing the needed jobs to live. That also includes sending people out into the always changing maze in an attempt to find a pathway out and to escape from the monsterous Grievers that live in there and whose attacks send boys into the Changing, a process that brings back memories – and sometimes kills or drives them insane. The very next day, the Box sends up a new person to join their group – a girl this time named Teresa – who carries a message that she is the last one that will be sent. She also seems to have some psychic powers that Thomas begins to share with her. And she has memories of the two of them working together – and with their captors.

Can Thomas and the boys find a way out of the Maze? Will they find out why they are there and what happened to their memories?

Another fun dystopian series, the twist at the end is a good cliffhanger to draw you into the next book. And Thomas would be right at home hanging out with Katniss from “Hunger Games” or Tris from “Divergent.”

It is published by Delacorte Press and is $17.99. Also available in time for the movie is a photo book, “Inside the Maze Runner: Guide to the Glade” that offers scenes from the movie and details about the Gladers, the Maze and more. It is $10.99.

Also by James Dasner is the second book in his new Mortality Doctorine series, “The Rule of Thoughts.”

Michael’s whole world was recently turned upside down. Recruited by the VirtualNet Security to help fight against cyber terrorist Kaine, who could alter the virtual reality that many live and play in, Michael soon learned Kaine’s horrifying plan. Kaine, a computer program himself, was trying to put other sentient programs into the bodies of humans – and Michael is one of them! Now in the body of a boy named Jackson Porter, Michael tries to contact his friends in the real world and try to fight against Kaine. But even as Jackson Porter becomes a wanted man and everyone around Michael is put in danger, he must decide if he is human – or a program.

This is a cool sci-fi series that will get you thinking about technology and the dangers within. There’s plenty of action and suspense to propel fans through pages.

“The Rule of Thoughts” is published by Delacorte Press. It is $18.99.


A fantasy world setting combines with “mutant” powers of the comic books in “Storm Siren” by Mary Weber.

Nym has been a slave since her storm powers brought about the deaths of her parents as a child. She has been sold off to many owners over the years, leaving a trail of destruction in her path as her feared powers come to light. She’s in the middle of being sold when again she lashes out after seeing a man abuse a child, and is immediately bought up by the crazy noblewoman Adora. Adora is collecting potential “weapons” in the war against the neighboring country – one their kingdom has been losing – and thinks if Nim’s powers can be controlled, she will be an asset.

She is immediately put to work with Eogan, a man whose powers help calm and tame hers so that she can learn control, and Colin, who can control and create earthquakes. But as the two are thrown into a world of deadly court politics, Nym must find out who is friend and foe – and who will destroy her.

This is an addictive start to a new series of elemental powers, a strong female character and even a bit of romance. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Nym in the future!

“Storm Siren” is published by Thomas Nelson. It is $15.99.


A road trip becomes life changing in Adi Alsaid’s “Let’s Get Lost.”

In four stories, the reader follows Leila’s trip across the country to see the Northern Lights. Along the way she encounters Hudson, a mechanic who can’t decide on what direction his life will take, Bree, a runaway who may reconnect with her sister, Elliott who is facing a heartbreak after his “movie moment” doesn’t go as planned and Sonia whose boyfriend’s death is still haunting her and keeping her from moving on with a new love. As Leila meets each one, she changes their perspective on their problems, and they are also changing her too. What will happen at the end of this roadtrip of a lifetime?

A story of life changes and growing up told through a free spirited character, many will relate to the characters within these pages.

“Let’s Get Lost” is published by Harlequin Teen. It is $17.99.


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