All police cars need video

Earlier this month, Michael Brown was shot multiple times by a Ferguson, Mo., police officer. Looking past the racial issues and other decisive factors in this case, why is it so hard to know what happened? Why doesn’t every police vehicle in the nation have an onboard video camera or audio device recording what is going on?

If there was a camera recording the incident that led up to Michael Brown being shot, then maybe we would know if it was justified or not. The secondary result beyond rendering justice would be the good possibility that there would be no riots right now in that city. If the cop would be in the wrong, then he would be arrested and the people would not have any reason to riot. If Michael Brown was in the wrong, there should still be no good reason to continue the rioting.

Personally, I think that the Homeland Security Department should put aside some money to make certain that every police vehicle has onboard video cameras and microphones, because wouldn’t something that simple have made this whole situation better?

James Kendall