Theories abound on ‘shadow figures’

Have you ever been sitting on the couch watching TV or reading a book when you notice something move out of the corner of your eye? Many usually say they see a black shadow of a person but when they look toward it it seems to disappear. The first thing we think of when this happens is “Did I just see someone or was it my eyes playing tricks on me? If I did see something what exactly was it? Where did it come from?” These are questions many have been asking and those questions tend to come up more and more every day.

These shadows are commonly called shadow people or shadow figures. Because they are described as a silhouette of a person. No face, hair or clothing. Just a black mass in the shape of a person. There are no characteristics to identify who or what it may be.

Over the years researchers have come up with many theories. Some may sound farfetched, while others have solid ground upon which they stand. Many believe because it is a black form, it could be a demon or an evil entity. And why not? Hollywood has portrayed demons as black figures coming after people who have done wrong. Even though this could be a possibility, we cannot rule out the other theories. Theories include beings from another dimension where portals open for a moment allowing them to travel partially into our dimension. Some believe they are aliens coming here to watch and observe us to gather information. Others feel they are a spirit. There are so many possibilities – including our own imagination. The truth is, no one really knows what they are or from where they come.

In my personal adventures I have come across a few of these shadow figures. I remember one time when a group of us were standing around talking and several of these figures started to appear. We knew it wasn’t just our eyes or our imagination because we all were seeing the same thing. I quickly walked toward one and it backed up into the wall and vanished. We were not harmed and did not feel threatened by their presence. They tended to keep their distance and when approached they would disappear. It was as if they were curious and wanted to watch us rather than to frighten us.

Another time I encountered a shadow person was when three of us travelled a couple of hours north to a historical building. We set up our camera trying to cover the whole area. Two of us were quietly sitting 10 feet apart when we started seeing one of these shadow figures walking about six feet in front of us. Our team member whispered asking if I could see it. My response was “yes,” and then it disappeared. The third member was sitting across the room and asked if we could see the shadow walking across in front of us. This was one case when all three of us saw the same thing. It was disappointing when we checked our camera only to learn the area where it walked was just outside of our camera’s view. Even though we didn’t get it recorded the experience was amazing.

No matter what these figures are, one thing is for certain. They are real and more people are reporting them. Only time and research will help us in uncovering this mystery.


Tom Moore is a founding member of Mid-Ohio Valley Ghost Hunters and has been conducting research for 14 years. He can be reached at