The crumbling of America

As I recently paid my tax bill, I couldn’t help wondering where all this money is going. It sure isn’t going into road repair, as I’m dodging the same pot holes that I have all spring and summer. Route 2 from Interstate 77 into Parkersburg would be better suited for a GM torture track than day to day transit. I haven’t decided which is worse – the pothole itself or the excessively high patch applied to fill it.

Yeah, yeah, I know this past winter was horrible and the U.S. Congress failed to pass a bill that would provide more funds for paving, but the lack of suitable progress in maintaining our infrastructure is disturbing to say the least, dangerous at most. I recently watched two different Internet car reports, one from the Czech Republic and one from rural Italy, and both countries had smoother looking roads than I’ve seen in West Virginia. No visible pot holes there or the perpetual, mind-numbing thump, thump, thump of the interstates.

We are slowly drifting into second-rate nation status with our roads, and I fear this is the new normal. I can fondly remember a better time when one didn’t have to memorize the location of pot holes and inept patches just to survive going shopping.

David Dillon