Humane Society’s caring people

I want to give a very special thank you to our Humane Society for taking such good care of my grandchildren’s 5-year-old hound dog.

He was a city dog, always in his own fenced-in backyard. Moving to the country, he was allowed freedom to run. He enjoyed the running, not realizing he would get lost from his family. He was gone almost two weeks.

Our family called the Humane Society with no luck on finding him. (There is a difference when you try to explain versus going to see.) Our great-grandson asked everyone at our church to pray for his dog. The children were heartbroken thinking they would never see Buddy again.

The next day, I went to the Humane Society, just to look. Imagine my surprise when a little black and brown hound was so excited to see me. He looked so big in there. When I walked around and took the second look at this excited little hound, I knew he was our Buddy. Buddy yelped, and I cried.

At that time, the workers really got excited with us. I think they were as happy as Buddy and I. They took him out of the cage so we could see each other and emailed pictures to our granddaughter. They helped in every way they could to get Buddy reunited with his family. They told me there was a family waiting to adopt him, so he was rescued just in time.

They took excellent care of our Buddy and our little grandson’s prayers were answered.

Joyce McMullen