Holgorsen comment unfortunate

There are some things -especially when you are a high-profile person -you just don’t say.

Somebody forgot to share that nugget of wisdom with West Virginia University head football coach Dana Holgorsen, who opened his mouth and inserted his foot on Monday.

Asked about the changes in recruiting during a press conference, Holgorsen was widely quoted as saying, “You lie in recruiting a bunch. That’s just kind of part of it. You become a salesman.”

The comments went viral, as virtually every major news organization from USA Today to NBC Sports and CBS Sports ran with them.

WVU defended Holgorsen.

“Coach Holgorsen’s comment was taken completely out of context,” a WVU?spokesman said through an e-mail. “Coach Holgorsen was clearly having fun with his beat media and the comment even drew chuckles from the media.”

Even so, there are some things you just don’t joke about and lying to potential recruits -especially if you are a head college football coach -is indeed one of those things.


Say West Virginia is in a red-hot battle with another school or schools for a recruit.

Don’t think for a minute those representing the other schools won’t remind the recruit of Holgorsen’s statement.

Just like in war, you don’t give the enemy ammunition. Holgorsen, joking or not, did just that.

Plus, there’s a pecking order among college coaches.

If you just won the national championship, you can get by with a lot more than a coach coming off a disappointing 4-8 season whose job is on the line.

Like most stories of this nature, this is likely to soon go away.

But it could have some long-term ramifications when it comes to recruiting -if Holgorsen still is around to participate in that activity.

* Bad timing: The story couldn’t have happened at a less opportune time as WVU?seemed to be riding a wave of good publicity if for no other reason than the media was doing everything it could to hype the Mountaineers’ season-opening matchup against Alabama in the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Classic.

Plus, news coming out of the Mountaineers’ fall camp has been mostly positive, raising hopes that WVU?will exceed the rather low expectations it is receiving from virtually all corners.

The consensus is that West Virginia will finish eighth in the 10-team Big 12, ahead of only the two teams that beat the Mountaineers at the end of last season, Kansas and Iowa State.

Of course, we know all about preseason predictions, which often are all over the map and seldom turn out to be accurate.

The guys who know the most about college sports -the Las Vegas odds makers -have established the over-under on WVU?wins at 4.

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