Jackson family legacy touches Parkersburg people, parks

Date for Jackson fountain dedication to be decided

The special committee composed of Councilmen Monroe, Samuels and Paxton which was appointed by Mayor D.H. Leonard last night for the purpose of arranging a program for the exercises which will come with the unveiling of the new Jackson Fountain at City Park, is already preparing for the event. … The finishing touches are now being put on and when other work is finished that was ordered by the council last night, including a new cement walk around the fountain and new curbing, it will be ready for dedication.

From The Parkersburg State Journal (in part)

Sept. 13, 1906


The fountain is out of repair

The Jackson memorial fountain in front of the court house has not been in operation for some time and several persons have been making inquiry about it. The water was turned on before the bursting of the water tanks, it has been learned, but since then the water has been cut off. It was found that there was a bad leak in the basin of the fountain and this has never been repaired. The basin of the fountain is a public cuspidor, and is filthy, as it is a regular loafing place, the edge of the basin being used as a seat by those who congregate around the fountain almost every evening. Under the deed of gift the county agreed to keep the fountain in repair.

From The Parkersburg Sentinel

June 9, 1009


Booklet of verse by local woman

Among the many beautiful booklets placed upon the market this Christmas must be numbered that offered at the Ebert’s Bookstore in limited numbers, of which Miss Lily Irene Jackson, of this city, is the author and designer. The booklet entitled “From One Who Loves You,” is a collection of verses written by Miss Jackson from time to time, during several years and on special occasions, containing many beautiful thoughts poetically expressed. These are collected under several heads, the first a group of wishes, “From Her to You.”

One of the poems, “West Virginia,” extols the beauty and wealth of the Mountain State and in the closing poems in the book “September,” “October” and “Sunshine,” pretty pen pictures are given of flower foliage and radiance which beautify all nature.

The booklet is artistically gotten up on cream colored parchment paper, the back of silver gray with water color design in French blue, the pages being held together with blue ribbon.

From The Parkersburg Sentinel (in part)

Dec. 26, 1917


Miss Lily Irene Jackson succumbs Sunday morning

No woman in Parkersburg was more greatly revered than Miss Lily Irene Jackson. She was most charitable, and her greatest gift, perhaps, was a supreme loyalty in her friendships, which endeared her to her many acquaintances and friends, who shared this relationship with her. An artist and a gracious hostess, Miss Jackson’s home was the scene of many notable gatherings in the days of her full health and strength.

Miss Jackson was the last survivor of her immediate family, her father, Judge John J. Jackson; her mother, Mrs. Carrie Glime Jackson, and only brother, Benjamin Vinton Jackson, having preceded her in death by several years.

From The Parkersburg News (in part)

Dec. 10, 1928


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