Sweet Treats

PARKERSBURG – With sunshine and warm temperatures, Sunday was the perfect day for people to flock to the 12th annual Parkersburg Ice Cream Social in downtown Parkersburg.

Around 250-350 people came between 4 and 8 p.m. Sunday to the event held at Eighth and Market streets around First Baptist Church of Parkersburg, which organized the event.

Children enjoyed inflatables while others enjoyed a variety of games and other activities. The whole time people were able to get a variety of ice creams, including chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and rocky road as well as grilled hot dogs and other food.

“There have been a lot of people,” said co-event coordinator Patti Wilson. “We have had many come and go throughout the day.”

The funds raised during the social will benefit Parkersburg Urban Ministries and Project Good Samaritan at Camden Clark Medical Center.

Parkersburg Urban Ministries has helped people with a variety of needs like assistance to help pay utility bills and for prescriptions as well as other needs. Project Good Samaritan helps families of extended stay patients with meals and other needs while their loved one is in the hospital.

“We are trying to grow the event for the Parkersburg area and bring awareness to all the different ministries and mission projects happening in our own community,” said co-event coordinator Ammie Rasmussen. “We also wanted to raise awareness of the organizations that need help around town as well as have people come down as a community and get to know new people.”

A number of cake walks were held throughout the social where 40 different vendors, businesses and individuals donated cakes. People paid a dollar to participate with that money going to people in need.

“We had a lot of people making cakes and a lot of businesses donating cakes,” Rasmussen said.

A clothing drive was also held with around 1,000 pieces of clothing. Each item was $1 and that money will go to a local organization that provides clothing to those in need.

Different groups put on demonstrations from Brickhouse Cardio and the Parkersburg Shag Dance group. The Actors Guild of Parkersburg performed some selections from its upcoming show “9 To 5: The Musical.”

“There was a lot for everyone to enjoy,” Wilson said.

The ice cream was purchased by a local man, who attends First Baptist Church. He turned right around and donated it to the social, church officials said. It was free to visitors during Sunday’s event, with the church accepting donations for it.

It was the cool delights that brought many people to the social Sunday.

“We came for the ice cream,” said Melissa McCroskey of Parkersburg. “We usually come every year.”

It is something their family enjoys doing together.

“The kids like it,” McCroskey said. “It is fun for them.”

Mike Webb, of Parkersburg, comes to the social to help support the charities the social benefits.

“We come out to support the community,” he said. “We like to do stuff in the community, meet people and interact.

“Of course, we like to have some delicious ice cream. The kids love this sort of thing.”

Based on crowds Sunday, organizers believe they will be able to raise between $1,200-$1,500 for the charities they want to help.

Dick Penick, of Belpre, came with his wife Judy. The couple knows people who attend First Baptist Church of Parkersburg and they wanted to help support them. The couple are also involved with Wood County Habitat for Humanity which has benefited from the social in the past.

“We usually come every year,” Penick said. “It is good clean fun.

“We also always come for the ice cream.”