Economy needs TLC

If you read ads for older homes, you will often see the phrase “needs some TLC” (tender love and care). Our economy needs some TLC in the form of TLR: tax reform, legal reform and regulatory reform.

The most recent issue of the Economist magazine states, “of all the wealthiest nations, the USA has the most dysfunctional corporate tax system.”

No wonder companies move offshore, i.e. Mylan Pharmaceuticals. If your competitors pay less in taxes than you, they can sell their products for less, and you’re out of business.

Legal reform is needed to rein in frivolous lawsuits that we all pay for, i.e. C-8.

Over regulation is very discouraging to business people. It keeps the bulldozers and backhoes at rest. We need to be wearing them out. Again, on regulation, we need “less EPA and more jobs,” to quote one of your writers.

If we could get these three items accomplished in Washington and Charleston, the economy would explode.

We need to be business sensible, not business antagonistic.

When deciding who to vote for this fall, please find out where the candidates for Congress and the state legislature stand on these issues. We need to act!

Tom Azinger


Azinger is a former member of the West Virginia House of Delegates