Building on a special history

The South girls basketball team held its annual golf tournament Saturday. It rained! It was the last day of the Wood County Fair. The Sweet Corn Festival was going on in Marietta. There were two other prominent golf tournaments in the area. So they had all kinds of competition.

South girls basketball girls are used to competition, so they gathered up rain gear and came to South Hills Golf Course. They brought the food, drinks and barbecue equipment, hoping someone would come to play.

The golfers came! Rain, messy course and discomfort didn’t keep them away. They played in the rain. They got wet and when they came in to eat they hugged the girls who had stayed dry to cook and prepare food. So everyone got wet but everyone had a good time. Most went home happy.

It was truly a wonderful day. South girls know they have very special fans. They also know they have a legacy to uphold of all the talented girls who have played basketball at Parkersburg South High School in past years. Those ladies, going back to Dr. Jennifer Leavitt, have built a history of teamwork, dedication to the game and esprit de corps that teams today know they can build on.

They are building their own legacy as well, and I am sure we will be proud of the incredible group of girls who make up the Parkersburg South High School girls basketball team this year. By spring, there will be another strong wall built into the legacy that is South girls basketball.

Betty Stevens

Mineral Wells