Third graders receive honors

These Beverly-Center Elementary School third graders were honored by teacher Mrs. Tina Bohl at the school’s 2014 awards assembly:

Earning an “A” Average in subjects for the year: 1 subject – Kaleb Bailey, Branden Kiggans, Chyanna Berrill, and Angeline Sierra-Gonzalez; 2 subjects – Jack Duffey and Katie Schaad; 3 subjects – Emma Duskey, Ethan Duskey, Ryan Duskey, and Kara Schaffer; 4 subjects – Wade Patterson; 5 subjects – Stone Dixon and Caleb McCurdy; 6 subjects – Cassidy Starkey, Nate Silvus, Alexx Schilling, Nava McKown, Kelson McCurdy, Zaiden Huck, and Sydnee Duskey.

Receiving awards for “Outstanding Student” in each of the basic subjects were: Reading – Zaiden Huck and Nava McKown; Math – Jack Duffey and Nava McKown; Spelling – Kelson McCurdy and Wade Patterson; English – Zaiden Huck and Nava McKown; Science – Nava McKown and Zaiden Huck; Social Studies – Zaiden Huck and Nava McKown.

Numerous awards were presented to the students in special areas of achievement. These included: Handwriting Award – Kelson McCurdy, Cassidy Starkey, Austin Powell, and Emma Duskey; Creative Writing – Caleb McCurdy, Kelson McCurdy, Nava McKown, and Nadia Jones; Quiet Worker – Chyanna Berrill, Sydnee Duskey, Tony Hill, Nava McKown, Abacus Paupore, Katie Schaad, Cassidy Starkey, and Sadie Wentz; Good Citizenship Award – Nava McKown, Cassidy Starkey, Trinidy Kelby, Ryan Duskey, Ethan Duskey, Alexx Schilling, Kelson McCurdy, Brandan Schultz, Nadia Jones, and Chyanna Berrill; Most Improved – Sadie Wentz, Trinidy Kelby, Logan Kindler, Abby Brister, and Kiersten Cline; Excellent Effort – Sadie Wentz, Katie Schaad, Logan Kindler, and Trinidy Kelby.

Special classroom activity awards; Book – It! Participants – Katie Schaad, Sydnee Duskey, and Nate Silvus; Battleship Tournament Winners – First Place – Zaiden Huck; Second Place – Jack Duffey; Third Place – Cassidy Starkey and Kara Shaffer.



Almost 200 readers in the Beverly-Waterford area kept busy reading during June and July as part of the Beverly Public Library’s summer reading program “Fizz! Boom! Read!” The read-to-me program saw 1,259 books read to the pre-readers. School-age children in the elementary program polished off 731 books. Teens, not to be out done, recorded 602 hours of reading during the program. Adults also had a program encouraging them to read during the long summer months and they racked up 945 hours. All readers were invited to the summer reading wrap-up pool party held at the Beverly Pool July 31.

Don’t let the end of the summer reading program stop your visits to the library. Washington County Public Library’s electronic resources put constantly updated and trustworthy information at your fingertips. Your library card can provide access help with researching family background, investigating a travel destination or, when the ‘dreaded’ school report is assigned, report research assistance. A library card can give you access 24 hours a day to resources such as full-text Consumer Reports articles; Chilton auto repair manuals; U.S. Census data dating back to 1790; practice tests for the SAT, ACT, and more; and reading group guides and book recommendations. To get started, log on to Click on “Reference and Information,” then “Electronic Resources.” Browse the resources available and click on the title to select it. When prompted, enter your entire library card number without spaces. Be sure to log out when you are finished. Have any questions? Call the library at (740) 373-1057 extension 208. They are happy to help.


Sue Sampson is a longtime columnist for The Parkersburg News & Sentinel.