Vienna man writes his second book

PARKERSBURG – A Vienna man has written his second book related to the Civil War.

J. Bruce Fox, writing under the pen name of Calvin Scott Clement, has penned “An Unreconstructed Rebel,” the fictional tale of James Edward “Tolly” Tolliver.

The historical fiction is set before, during and after the war, Fox said.

Tolliver is a soldier in the Confederate Army and while he was loyal to the South, he didn’t believe in slavery, Fox said.

“But he thought you should have the right to own slaves,” Fox said.

After the war, Fox writes in the book, Tolliver joined the Ku Klux Klan until the night he and other hooded klansmen went to the home of a black friend who saved his life from drowning. Tolliver shot a klansman to prevent harm to his friends.

“I am a Confederate veteran, as white as any of you, and I am no race traitor,” Tolliver said. “I tell you I have killed many a man, and one more tonight will not make any difference, understand me about this.”

Tolliver, who develops a friendship with a Union soldier, holds to his beliefs until he died, Fox said.

“That’s why the title” he said.

The story also is about Evelina, Tolliver’s wife, Fox said.

The book is available on, Fox said. It will soon be at Barnes and Noble and in a digital format for Kindle, he said.

“An Unreconstructed Rebel” was published by Infinity Publishing.

Fox’s first book was “Two Little Boys Growing Up Courageous During the Civil War,” also published by Infinity Press.

Fox writes under the nom de plume to honor his great uncle, Calvin, Calvin’s son Scott and his grandfather Clement L. Fox.

He graduated from Santa Monica City College in California and has a bachelor’s from San Fernando Valley State College at Northridge, Calif. Fox also has a master’s in public administration from West Virginia University.

Retired, he worked 30 years in administration for water and sewer systems. He served four years in the U.S. Air Force.