More burden for taxpayers

Remember these names: Mayor Newell, Cam Huffman, Chamber of Commerce members, and those key personnel of the Frontier League that spew their theft of your already paid in taxes to fund a 20-year, 25-year, or 30-year county bond issue to pay for a ballpark that 85 percent of the citizens affected would have to pay for and don’t want.

A wide-ranging TIF zone to get maximum monies for this project has yet to have some limitations for the affected taxpayer. To vote on this project you must pay property taxes; being a renter will not qualify you to vote on this issue.

One more thing: Did you read the article in the July 13 News and Sentinel about Ohio property owners and farmers who pay over 70 percent of taxes in various communities because the business tax load is in the range of 15 percent and utilities pay approximately 20 percent. I would love to know how West Virginia property owners, farmers and businesses fare in this respect. I would venture to guess that it is similar. I would love to be wrong.

This tells me that if businesses in the Mid-Ohio Valley pay such a small portion of the tax burden in their communities then there will be a huge shortfall for a $20 million stadium. This never comes out before contracts are written. I’m sure there will be a line in the contract that says any shortfalls will be paid for by taxes on other taxable entities in the Mid-Ohio Valley, which means more of a burden for the property owners.

The Stadium Committee will tell you that the new ballpark and stadium TIF zone means that the taxes on businesses in the Mid-Ohio Valley will pay for this project. I categorically do not believe the Stadium Committee.

Eugene A. DiClemente