Truth Seeker: Devils Den has intriguing possibilities

When one thinks of all the different locations that may be haunted, many tend to bring up prisons, cemeteries and old houses.

But some of us have Gettysburg at the top of our list. And why not? So many people have given their lives for what they believed and supported. Brother against brother, as some may say, has caused lots of turmoil within families. After three days and lots of bloodshed, the Battle of Gettysburg was finally over. But some believe those who gave their lives may still be out there reliving those dreadful days.

Recently, a few members of our paranormal research group went to explore the battlefields of Gettysburg. After touring the different sites, our minds were made up. We wanted to set up our equipment at Devils Den, which is across from Little Round Top. Why not? On day two of the Battle of Gettysburg the Confederates attacked it from three sides causing numerous deaths for both sides. This is why Devils Den has been nicknamed the “Slaughter Pen.” If any place was to be haunted, this had to be the place.

We arrived shortly before dark and made our way up through huge boulders that were as high as 13 feet, and found the perfect place to set up. The star-filled sky was clear and the full moon was shining bright. But we didn’t have much time to stargaze, because the area was closing in a little over an hour. Video cameras and audio recorders were in place and a large rock became our chair for our stay. I began asking questions, hoping to record an EVP while the others remained quiet. EVP is short for electronic voice phenomenon. These are voices that we are unable to hear without a recording device.

After several hours of reviewing our recordings we were amazed at what we found. The one recording sounds as if it was a tin cup clanging followed immediately by a bang like a lid closing on a trunk. This was interesting, considering none of us were making any noise. If this was the only recording we received I would have been satisfied. But it wasn’t. As we continued asking questions we can hear what, at first, sounded like an owl call being made by a person. This would make perfect sense because soldiers – scouts – would make animal sounds to inform their troops of what was coming their way.

After doing more research concerning this area we found out the Confederates would give out a Rebel Yell. Could this be what we had recorded? After searching for their yell we came across the Smithsonian website that had a video recording of a Confederate gathering demonstrating their Rebel Yell. Some were long while others only called out for a brief moment. The similarities are making it hard to believe that our recording wasn’t part of a Rebel Yell or, if not, at least a call.

Could these recordings be the scouts or something else? Some will give explanations as to what they believe could have made these noises. While others will continue believing the fallen are still fighting for what they believed in. Regardless, whether we believe in the paranormal or not, Gettysburg will intrigue you.


Tom Moore is a founding member of Mid-Ohio Valley Ghost Hunters and has been conducting research for 14 years. He can be reached at