Rehabilitation, nursing center has new owners

PARKERSBURG- The Worthington Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Parkersburg is under new management.

Platinum Health Care of Skokie, Ill., took over management of the health care facility in Parkersburg June 1 after it was purchased by Arc Realty of New York, N.Y.

The West Virginia Health Care Authority issued a Certificate of Need to PWNR LLC and PNCN LLC in Skokie, Ill., and ARHC NCRWDWV01 LLC and ARHC WNPGBWV01, New York, N.Y., “for the acquisition of the real estate, tangible personal property and operations associated with Nicholas County Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, a 97-bed nursing home in Richwood, Nicholas County, and Worthington Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, a 105-bed nursing home in Parkersburg,” according to a press release from the West Virginia Health Care Authority.

The capital expenditure associated with the proposal is $33,105,000, the press release said.

Arc Realty purchased a total of nine buildings, said Ben Klein, owner of Platinum Health Care.

”They in turn reached out to us and asked us to lease and run them,” he said.

Platinum Health Care LLC was formed in 2001 with the purpose of creating an in-home office for managing long-term care facilities. According to its website, the company has demonstrated the ability to turn under-performing properties around.

In addition to these properties in West Virginia, the company owns and leases properties in Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio.

Klein said they are planning to make capital improvements to the buildings at Worthington.

”We are investing in significant improvements to the buildings,” Klein said. ”We want to make them nicer.”

Klein said he will be traveling to properties all over the country next week with designers to evaluate the locations and make plans for improvements. He is not sure when they might make it to Parkersburg.

Those improvements could include new furniture, new floors, new wall coverings, new equipment or reconfiguring space to meet certain needs, he said.

As far as any changes to services, Klein said those would be determined at a later time as they figure out what the needs will be.

They are looking at getting established in the community, building local relationships, making facility improvements, being able to attract patients and providing quality care, he said.