Several new women’s fiction books

In Amish fiction, Jerry S. Eicher returns to his Beiler Sisters series in “Seeing Your Face Again.”

Debbie Watson, an English girl who is wanting to become Amish, has been living with her neighbors, the Beilers. Life seems to be going well for her and she is almost ready to make the decision to join the church. Then the Amish boy she has had a crush on, Alvin, instead of courting her, abruptly leaves town and the Amish community. Rumor has it he left because he knew another Amish boy, Paul, was going to court her – the problem is Debbie doesn’t like Paul. When one of the Beiler sisters decides to go live with Debbie’s parents in order to experience the world, Debbie’s friend, Ida, tells her it might look better to the community if she does court Paul. Will Debbie have to date someone she doesn’t like in order to stay in the community? Or will she leave again? Why did Alvin leave and what is he doing now? Ida also has a romance that leads to sad complications.

Amish romance fans will enjoy this story of possibly ill-fated romances, the challenges of giving up one way of life for another and charming characters.

“Seeing Your Face Again” is published by Harvest House Publishers. It is $13.99 and 336 pages long.


A woman’s inheritance brings forth a centuries old secret in New York Times bestselling author Lauren Willig’s “That Summer.”

In 2009, Julia has inherited a home in England from her mother’s aunt, a woman she barely remembers. Having been layed off from her job, she decides to travel to London and sort everything out. There she meets her at first welcoming distant relatives, including her cousin Natasha, who introduces her to a handsome antiques dealer named Nicholas, who agrees to help her access any antiques she may find. When she stumbles upon a painting in the back of an old wardrobe that looks to be Pre-Raphaelite, the mystery begins…

In 1849, a young girl named Imogen’s father is ailing and she has a scholarly friend of his courting her. Though he is much older, she agrees to marry him and help care for his young daughter. But Imogen’s new husband quickly loses interest in his young bride and his housekeeper, his former sister-in-law, does what she can to make her miserable. Alone, Imogen is soon befriended by a young painter who hopes her husband will grant his patronage.

As Julia and Nicholas work together to figure out the painting’s origin, a would-be romance brews between them, echoing what Imogen is going through as well. Will Juila learn the fate of her ancestress?

A story of family secrets, love affairs and art, this captivating story will keep readers guessing as to the fate of both heroines.

“That Summer” is published by St. Martin’s Press. It is $25.99 and 342 pages long.


A book of humorous essays celebrates mothers and daughters in “Have a Nice Guilt Trip” by New York Times bestselling author Lisa Scottoline and Francesca Serritella.

The mystery writer and her daughter tackle every day life issues with wit and humor in this series of columns from the Philadelpha Inquirer.

Lisa writes about mother’s wisdom when it comes to home remedies, her addiction to rearranging furniture and why she isn’t worthy of air-conditioning. Francesca writes about the married-ex milestone, vacationing with a boyfriend and serving on jury duty.

There’s plenty of mutiple generation laughs, from stories of grandmother Mary to Francesca’s trials as a 20-something in New York. Readers will see themselves and their friends/family members in these relatable and funny stories. It makes for a relaxing vacation read.

“Have a Nice Guilt Trip” is published by St. Martin’s Press. It is $24.99 and 275 pages long.


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