Article brings back memories

I enjoyed reading about the Butcher Bend 4-H campgrounds. Our first camp, 1934, Mt. Zion club went to Province Grove, next year to Camp Barbe, then Butcher Bend.

We had 4-H at PHS and I was in the Mingo Tribe until I graduated in 1942. I have my 1936-1937 Wood County club book. Mable Jones was our leader then. Camp was fun. One year it rained four days. Our straw ticks stayed wet most of the time. Kenner Newbanks brought his horse and plow and made a ditch around each tent. It overflowed, but helped some.

Projects were great. I took two each year. Canning and sewing were my favorites. I won 75 cents on sewing one year. I felt rich and spent the money on material for shirts.

I remember my first club meeting. Something came up to vote on. I thirded it. Mrs. Jones said, “Two is enough.” I got reminded for a meeting or two, but learned and worked hard at being an asset to our club. I’ll never forget the poems, scripture and songs we learned.

Pearle Johnson