Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

UP: To all the emergency responders and good neighbors who spent much of this week cleaning up following the massive storm that moved through the area Tuesday afternoon. High winds accompanying the storm brought down several trees and powerlines, causing power outages and other serious problems for residents. The crews responded immediately and have done a great job with the cleanup.

UP: To neighbors of a 20th Street family whose home was destroyed by a fire Wednesday afternoon. The family, a single mother with three children, had been in the home for only a couple of months. They were of town at the time of the fire. Neighbor Jennie McAtee, who lives across the street, immediately began a Facebook campaign to collect clothing for the family.

UP: To the Castle for its annual history camp for young students, which was held this past week. This year, 10 third-through-fifth graders participated in the camp, which offers a heavy emphasis on Marietta’s history, but also incorporates American history. We salute the Castle for its efforts to help instill an appreciation of history in young people. Hopefully, many of these students will take that appreciation into their futures.

DOWN: To the growing popularity of smoking with a hookah among teens and young adults. A hookah is a water pipe of Middle Eastern origin in which the smoker uses a hose with a mouthpiece to inhale specially made tobacco passed through a water bowl. Many businesses now cater to people who use a hookah. While many of the users think smoking in this manner is safer, studies have found that it not only poses the same risk as other tobacco products, but can heighten those risks.

UP: To the Austrian-based Miba Sinter USA, LLC, for its official opening on Thursday of new production facilities in McConnelsville that add more than 42,000 square feet. The expansion will eventually allow for the increase of more than 100 new high-tech manufacturing jobs in the next few years. The company, a subsidiary of the Austrian Miba group, produces high quality precision auto parts. Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Austrian ambassador Hanz Peter Manz were at the plant to announce the expansion.