Project Sharing offers help to needy

PARKERSBURG – The Little Kanawha Resource Conservation and Development Council’s Project Sharing helps nonprofits and community service organizations help those in need in nine counties.

The project is housed in the former U.S. Department of Agriculture building at 2309 Gihon Road in Parkersburg, and is open every Wednesday from 9 a.m.-2 p.m.

Project Sharing has more than 425 nonprofits registered. Nonprofits, community agencies can apply to use the project for their organization; donations are accepted for the materials and supplies obtained through the program.

“We have been doing this project since 2006. People came to us with needs to help the underserved in that area. We don’t serve individuals, but we serve nonprofit 501C3 organizations and agencies that serve people in need, like senior programs, children, schools, churches, 501C3 organizations. These are organizations who help others who are in need. We give them a little boost to improve the lives of others,” said D.J. Allen, LKRCD coordinator.

The nonprofits fill out an application to register. The applications are available on Wednesdays during Project Sharing, by calling or through email.

“We get some of the goods through memberships, partnerships we have; we pay membership fees to those agencies. We use the funds which the nonprofits give us in donations for what they pick up while shopping to help cover those costs plus pay for maintenance, utilities and other expenses related to the project,” Allen said.

“It’s all about helping each other, everyone helping each other out. The items are not free to us. We get a tractor trailer load of items in, so we have a great variety and having this large building allows to have lots of storage space,” she said.

“We never know exactly what we are going to get, but we receive the items, keep an inventory of everything. I inventory and organize the items so we know exactly what we received, and what goes out, there are receipts kept on everything,” said Carol Gorby, Project Sharing manager.

Gorby started out as a volunteer with the project and then became the manager. Volunteers through area senior programs also help out at Project Sharing.

Project Sharing has everything needed for daily living from food, snacks, clothing, shoes, books, housewares, decor, to everyday needs like lightbulbs, tablecloths, pillowcovers, as well as larger items like kitchen and bathroom fixtures, sinks, doors, flooring, cabinets.

“Project Work Camp that paints homes for seniors got some paint supplies here,” Gorby said.

“Our purpose is to improve the quality of life, to make a difference, have a ripple effect for those in need. Sometimes a little means a lot,” Allen said.

“This place is awesome; it has really helped us out,” said Jackie Scott.

Scott said items from Project Sharing were obtained through the Beechwood Presbyterian Church Sanctuary House to help families whose home had been lost to fire.

“We were able to get them cabinets, lights; it really helped them out,” Scott said.

Allen said the council is getting a new roof on the former U.S. Agriculture Department’s building, as well as renovating rooms which they plan to make available for rental. The council partnered this year with the agricultural program at West Virginia University at Parkersburg which has put in a garden at the Gihon Road facility.

For more information, go to the Little Kanawha Resource Conservation & Development Council’s website:

Nonprofits with 501-3C status can obtain applications for Project Sharing at the former U.S. Department of Agriculture building at 2309 Gihon Road in Parkersburg where the project is housed; call 304-679-3639 or 304-893-9723, email Anyone interested in volunteering to help with the project can call or email as well. Allen’s office is at Mountwood Park.