VA bashing unnecessary

In response to the letter to the editor dated June 29 about transportation for her father to the VA Hospital in Clarksburg, the hospital has no control over DAV and their transportation procedure. The DAV (Disabled American Veterans) can sometimes provide transportation. The DAV is not a government agency; they do not get paid to transport veterans. It is all volunteer.

So don’t blame the VA. She could drive her father. A friend could drive him. Does she have a brother or sister that can drive him? Maybe another veteran to carpool with?

I use the hospital in Clarksburg and have never had a scheduling problem. The staff, doctors, and nurses treat me with respect and, as a matter of fact, I had to do a pre-op last week, and never waited more than a minute to get waited on in four different departments.

Just because some VA hospitals have had problems, don’t bash our VA here in West Virginia.

Gary Farris