Dogs a blessing from God

I am Bette Crimmel Creasey Morris, and I love dogs. I know many of you may know this, but some may not. God spelled backward is dog, and I believe this is meant to be.

I firmly believe God gave us the dog to be our best friend (next to Him) to take the raw edges off of life. I am 85 years young, and never would I say a bad word about a dog. There are no bad dogs, just bad people. Why, I ask you does a person get a dog and tie them out in the backyard, never talk to them, never see their physical needs? You don’t deserve a dog.

Never give a dog bones to eat, but if you have a dog tied out, go to your food store and get them a large bone to chew on and entertain themselves with. Now if you do have dogs, contain them. No one wants to go out in their own yard and step in dog poop when they don’t even own a dog, or see a Great Dane running through their tomato garden or knocking over the trash.

I have had dogs all of my life and the reason I don’t have them now is I am badly crippled and not able to take care of them. I’ve always gotten my dogs and cats from the shelter and my last dog (Sugar Babe) lived 17 years and I never bought one can of dog food. If I had pork chops and fried potatoes, he had pork chops and fried potatoes and he loved raw carrots.

Dogs help the police, work in the armed forces, help blind people, and other folks with medical disabilities better than people laying around on dope and booze. If you are abusing a child or a pet, you are sick.

Bette Creasey Morris