Right concerns, wrong decade

A lady wrote in last Sunday expressing concern over the direction the country was headed. She not only mentioned Iraq, but also some domestic issues.

I agree wholeheartedly with her concerns but there is just one little problem. She addresses the wrong decade – hence the wrong President. She accuses the nation of sleeping but I submit it is she who must have been asleep. It was Bush that lied us into war. Bush is responsible for over 100,000 innocents dying. Bush brought about our economic collapse. Bush put millions out of work and on the dole. Bush violated the Constitution he swore on the Holy Bible to uphold. Bush is responsible for Gitmo, the antithesis of American values. It was Bush who greatly damaged our image by invading a non-threatening, terrorist-free nation. It was Bush who turned over the worst mess in our history to his successor. Need I go on?

Obama has cured, or at least reversed, every one of these grievous ills except Gitmo. Guess which party is blocking that? And (this is important) he has accomplished all of this good in the face of the greatest level of Congressional obstructionism ever! Just think where we could be today if the Republican Party had a lick of decency about it and would put country before party. Another point. We have not lost one gun or one religious freedom in attaining all these positive steps. No tax increase either.

Obama promised change and we got it!

Don Lowe