Needed: Common-sense leaders

This week the House Majority Leader was defeated in the Virginia primary. Soon, a runoff election in Mississippi may give us another incumbent Republican to lose in his state’s primary. Both were matched against a so-called tea party candidate. The GOP establishment will do everything they can to defeat these conservative candidates who only want this country to return to basic common-sense government. I am looking for the concerned grass-root Democratic voters to start throwing out some of the “business as usual” and “establishment” Democrats.

Both parties need to have new people who will follow the Constitution, try to lower taxes, the national debt, allow personal freedoms and individual rights to flourish again, obey the same laws that they burden the citizens with. Get rid of judges that legislate from the bench. Enforce our immigration laws. Stop taking our individual freedoms from us. Both parties will fight to stay in power. They try to destroy their opponents. They do not want to lose power.

I know there are many Democrats who love their country, serve and respect the military, want a balanced budget and much lower national debt, want better schools for their children, worry about jobs, worry about EPA rulings that are stifling our capability to compete in the world markets, worry about rising electric bills, have much of the same concerns that conservatives have.

For those of you who have a negative opinion of “tea party” people and the ideals that they ascribe to I challenge you: How many Tea Party or 9-12 Project meetings have you ever attended. How many times have you heard these pundits in the media bad mouth these groups and you accept their negative comments for the truth. This country needs to wake up!

The border crisis we are currently going through is directly caused by Obama and his rejection of rule of law, refusing to enforce our immigration laws and creating an open border for thousands of children and mothers swarming north. Now he is asking for $2 billion (as a start) to help relocate and feed these people. In fact Attorney General Holder is going after states who have been trying to enforce our border/immigration laws, demanding that they stop. This has to change.

Bill Fulton