Replacing Jimmy Carter

Once again our president trashes our Constitution and breaches our laws with an end run around Congress. What he did with Bowe Bergdahl is an act of treason. Trading with the enemy, which we are still engaged with, by releasing five top Taliban leaders for one soldier who I believe deserted his post and should be on trial for desertion and maybe being a traitor.

His own fellow soldiers have nothing good to say about him. He even said he was ashamed to be an American. His father blessed Allah during his White House press conference (how sick was that) and right in front of our president. I’m fed up with this president and his staff selling America out.

Better keep your guard up, for you will hear from these “Gitmo Five” again. They are treated like great Gods now after being freed from Gitmo. How sad that our president would put our nation in jeopardy again by releasing these killers. How’s that hope and change working for you now. Worst president ever. Sorry Jimmy Carter, you have been replaced.

Dave Sweeney