The vision of quality care

As a resident in the Mid-Ohio Valley, I chose Camden Clark Medical Center to care for me through orthopedic surgery. My choice of the Joint Care Center was based on my mother’s successful surgery in 2007. Dr. Jeff McElroy’s rehabilitation program at the St. Joseph’s campus has continued to be innovative; a highly organized team of physicians, nurses, physical and occupational therapists and supporting staff. The joint camp program offers a goal toward wellness that is highly patient centered.

Words cannot fully express my gratitude to Dr. McElroy for an expeditious surgery date prior to St. Joseph’s campus closing. My opportunity to recover, to walk and walk correctly is a life event that I will always be grateful to have in my experience.

Now, I see the ability to choose future orthopedic care jeopardized by current hospital changes and government mandated policies. I cannot take for granted that quality rehabilitative care will be close to my home. I cannot take for granted that my physician will have a voice in serving myself or family members.

I believe that we all have a choice to speak up about our health care system. Wise decisions need to be made to keep what works and is directed by highly experienced, educated, loyal and caring medical professionals.

“My Care” will offer me access to my personal medical information. But, the priority of knowing “my hospital” keeps a program that is proven to give positive outcomes is vital. The physicians at the Joint Care Center have faithfully labored to offer a unique program to Mid-Ohio Valley residents.

This program and its supporting team deserves to be respected and continue the vision of quality care.

You will never know what the highest quality of care is until you need this service. And, until you have walked in my shoes, you will never know my concern for this program’s future.

Barbara Miles

Sandyville, W.Va.