Can we trust Romney’s plan?

Last Sunday a gentleman wrote that the ACA doesn’t work and never will. I was struck by his insight into the future, especially for a plan that had not been fully implemented a full two months when he penned his letter. Surely he should be winning Powerball every drawing. However, his name does not regularly (ever?) show up as a winner. Puzzling.

Let’s look at some facts. For starters, the term Obamacare is a misnomer. Hard to fault the gentleman for this error as many make this same mistake. The more accurate term is Romneycare, for Mitt conceived it, implemented it, and proved it would work.

The President looked around for a plan that would not only improve health care but was a proven entity. And he let it be handled by private enterprise. A Republican plan handled by big business. Republicans should love it!

The gentleman said Canada tried it. Really? The Canadians have had government-sponsored medicine for years, just like every free country on the planet. Just like this country has for 49 years.

Romneycare probably will cost more since it covers pre-existing conditions. My wife and I have been blessed with good health and will gladly pay a little more to help those that previously never stood a chance of getting decent health care.

A few months ago I saw the current governor of Massachusetts interviewed. He said 98 percent of his citizens were covered with an 87 percent satisfaction rate.

The gentleman concluded his letter with this comment “That’s what trusting Barack gets you.” The more legitimate question is “Can we trust Mitt?”

Don C. Lowe