Former Meigs deputy facing felony charges

MARIETTA – A former deputy sheriff from Meigs County is facing charges in Meigs, Washington and Athens counties in Ohio, officials said.

Robert P. Tate, 34, of 109 Pine Drive, Little Hocking, faces a fourth-degree felony charge for failure to comply with the order signal of an officer, according to a press release issued Tuesday.

This charge comes from leading deputies on a pursuit through Athens County on May 30, the press release said.

According to records, Tate fled from officers who were attempting to recover property of the Meigs County Sheriff’s Office, including a bullet-proof vest, after Tate was fired for failing to meet expectations of the office during his probationary period. The chase eventually led to a field, where Tate allegedly fled on foot, records said.

Tate was arrested on a charge of theft on the night of the chase, records said.

Washington County has requested a warrant for Tate for a felony charge of third-degree tampering with records, the press release said.

Following the divorce from his wife in August 2013, the court ordered the couple’s marital home to be sold and the proceeds split between them, the press release said.

In January, Tate’s ex-wife learned that a quitclaim deed had been filed on the property, which released her from all ownership thereof for a cost of $10, the press release said.

Although Tate’s ex-wife had been asked to sign a quitclaim deed before, she had refused to do so, the press release said.

When the quitclaim deed was reviewed by detectives, the signature on the document was determined not to be that of Tate’s ex-wife, the press release said.

Tate notarized the deed in December 2013 and filed it in Washington County on Jan. 2, 2014, the press release said.

The warrant had not been issued at the time of the press release, although deputies with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office were planning to serve the warrant on Tate when possible, the press release said.