Major Harris to sign autographs at Applebee’s

VIENNA – Major Harris will be at the Vienna Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill tonight for an autograph appearance from 9 p.m. to midnight, officials said.

Harris, former star quarterback for West Virginia University, is starring in the locally produced and filmed horror movie “The Axeman of Henderson County,” said Larry Parmiter, co-owner of the production company Semi-Charmed Productions.

Harris will be at the Vienna Applebee’s, 802 Grand Central Ave., during karaoke hours to sign autographs for fans, Parmiter said.

Autographs will be free and signed on photos of Harris, which can be purchased for $10 during the event, Parmiter said.

Harris will be in town for the filming of his portion of “The Axeman of Henderson County” today, Parmiter said. Harris is playing the role of a newspaper editor in the movie, Parmiter said.

The scenes scheduled to be shot today include a phone-call conversation scene and a scene where police officers convince Harris’s character to print a suspect’s letter on the front page of the paper, Parmiter said.

“We even got mock papers printed up for the scene. They look really good.” Parmiter said.

Semi-Charmed Productions will be giving the money raised by this event to Harris as a means of paying him for his participation in the movie, Parmiter said.

Harris agreed to work in the film for cost of expenses only, but Parmiter wants to be able to pay him more, he said.

The autograph-signing event will be part of a larger karaoke night at the Applebee’s restaurant, Parmiter said.