Sentinels are needed

Through the Freedom of Information Act, I obtained a copy of the actual letter received by Dr. Patrick Law on April 15, 2014. This letter was from the Freedom From Religion Foundation, based in Madison, Wisc.

The last paragraph of that letter states: “Wood County Schools must end all school endorsement of Christian Messages, including the explicit reference to the New Testament and Christ on the Parkersburg South Wrestling Team’s Webpage. Furthermore, the team must discontinue use of Philippians 4:13 as an official motto. Please inform us in writing, at your earliest convenience, of what action Wood County Schools is taking to cure these constitutional violations. Sincerely, Patrick C. Elliott, staff attorney.”

I called the FFRF and was told they had only one complaint about this scripture at PSHS, and they refused to reveal the name of the complainer. This makes me suspect as to who truly filed the complaint.

The separation of church and state is grossly misconstrued! In my humble opinion, we, as citizens of these United Sates of America, have the right to express our mottos as we so choose.

If the motto “Philippians 4:13” has been painted above the gymnasium door for many years, with no complaints, why does PSHS have to “obey the demands” of the FFRF? The students were not even given a vote on how they felt about removing the motto from their school. What about their freedom of choice?

It is my opinion that each state needs to have a sentinel on duty to protect its citizens against unwanted demands from atheists from outside their state, such as the FFRF which has attacked in many states, including West Virginia.

Christianity, as written in the New Testament of the Holy Bible, can be of no harm to anyone! Jesus Christ, who was and is a real figure in history, never hurt a single soul. Why should it be a bad influence on school-age people to be exposed to faith, hope, and love? Simply having “Philippians 4:13” painted above the gymnasium door does no harm!

It is those who oppose faith, hope and love that are to be feared! We as citizens of these United States of America need to constantly be sentinels and guard against threats to our freedom of religion.

What do you think? Will you be a sentinel for your state?

Dorothy J. Rader