Taking money from our pockets

What is wrong with Mayor Newell and Parkersburg City Council? Not wanting for the businesses to pay B&O taxes.

What is Mayor Newell wanting to do have another fee called the B&O tax fee for the people that live in the city of Parkersburg? That’s not right for making us pay more taxes and not have the businesses pay their share of taxes. That’s not going to help bring businesses into Parkersburg. So let’s quit trying to act like you’re doing the businesses a good thing by having us pay for their taxes.

The city council just increased the sewage rate for Parkersburg residents. If you look in other cities there has not been an increase in their rates in years. So why do we need to have an increase in ours?

Mayor Newell is talking about cleaning up Parkersburg with all the houses that need to be demolished. Where in the world is that money going to come from to pay to get the houses demolished? I agree that there is several houses in Parkersburg that need to be demolished, but the city can’t take care of what they got on their plate now, so how is Parkersburg going to come up with the money to pay for the demolition on 75 to 160 houses that need demolished?

How are the property owners of these houses that need demolished getting away with this? If I let my grass get six inches high, city code is on me to mow it or they’ll fine me.

Mayor Newell and Parkersburg City Council needs to put everything on the table and see what they have and take care of the things that need done.

Mayor Newell needs to get his top priorities together and let’s take care of the roads and get on to those owners that their property needs demolished and make them pay for it and quit taking the money out of our pockets.

John McIntyre