Women’s fiction for summer time

Several new books are available to throw in a bag for a great read on vacation!

The matchmaking Amish couple is back in “Huckleberry Summer” by Jennifer Beckstrand. Anna has set her matchmaking eyes on her grandson, Aden, who has always been a little wild.

His love of nature has had him working with Englisher environmental activists, which has led to him being arrested in protests. Anna thinks the perfect girl for him is Lily Eicher, a well-behaved young woman who may have a calming influence on him.

But when Aden and Lily do meet, she is scared of his big dog, Pilot, and though she finds Aden attractive, her father doesn’t want her involved with him, and Lily must do what her father says.

Or does she? Will the two have influence on each other?

This is a funny and sweet Amish series, of kind-hearted matchmakers and a couple looking for a happily ever after.

“Huckleberry Summer” is published by Zebra. It is $7.99 and 352 pages long.


A chef finds an unexpected romance in “Gimme Some Sugar” by Kimberly Kincaid. Carly has left New York City after her husband’s affair led to their divorce. She also left behind the restaurant they both ran, and a successful television show. Now working at a resort restaurant in Pennsylvania, she is looking for a fresh start. When the house she is renting suffers some damage after a storm, she meets handsome contractor Jackson Carter.

While the last thing she needs is a new relationship, her friend encourages her to take a chance, and that Jackson just might be a good distraction.

Will she risk her heart again?

This is a sexy romance of second chances in life and love. Carly and Jackson are great characters to cheer for.

“Gimme Some Sugar” is published by Zebra. It is $6.99 and 352 pages long.


A marriage counselor finds her marriage in jeopardy and her foundation shattered in “The Never Never Sisters” by L. Alison Heller.

Paige keeps trying to get her husband Dave to visit their rental cottage in the Hamptons in the summer, but he keeps being busy with work.

When she comes home early from work one day, she finds him home early and crying.

It seems he is under some sort of investigation at work and cannot come in, but must work from home.

Dave begins to act strangely, just as Paige gets a rocking revelation of her own – her estranged addict sister Sloane is home for a visit after 20 years. As Paige must try to come to terms with her long standing family issues, she must also confront Dave about what is really going on in their marriage.

This is a hard look at family secrets, a story of sisterhood and explores relationships of all kinds as Paige must take a hard look at her life with her parents, her sister and her husband. It’s a relatable story that many will empathize with.

“The Never Never Sisters” is published by New American Library. It is $15 and 323 pages long.


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