A sinister process of law

The Rebecca Grady hearings are still going on and she still has not been seated in the council meetings in Chesterhill as a real member of that post to which she has been legally elected by the people, sworn in by a judge, and confirmed by the election board as a duly elected council member.

A most deadly and sinister process of law has overtaken the situation as a standard bill of fare, by the powers that be in the Chesterhill governance body. That deadly and destructive process is called “modus operandi” by dragging out a situation into virtually the Crack of Doom for the council and town officials. They are spared any and all legal expenses. The most effective form of game plan is a gift to the lawyers, the insurance company and its whole legal firm as well. Chesterhill’s mayor, and his son, the lawyer, have advised the council that they are not liable for their actions, as they are covered by insurance, which is paid for by the town’s funds.

Rebecca Grady is up against a control factor that is not only free of consequences – unless the people directly concerned and the public at large who care about the democratic process intervene. Think about it as if it could be you if you try to do the common good and participate in the citizens’ elected role.

Unofficially, Ms. Grady has been at every meeting.

Kathryn Nolan

Chesterhill, Ohio