Extra Eyes

Officials across all aspects of Mid-Ohio Valley life are looking for extra sets of eyes to help in their efforts to make our community a safer, better place.

In Belpre, school board members have formed a committee that hopes to address policy reforms that could improve the effort to stop bullying. And, by the way, it is to their credit that board members are not simply falling in line with the trendy, cause-du-jour nature of recent anti-bullying campaigns. Instead, they point out there is a difference between true bullying and just being mean.

To fight true bullying, the board has enlisted the help of folks like the district’s school bus drivers, who see what kids go through day in and day out. The perspective they will gain from those who have their eyes on students outside the classroom will be a big help.

Meanwhile, the Parkersburg Police Department has been training sanitation workers, Parkersburg Utility Board workers and employees of Dominion Hope to recognize the evidence of clandestine methamphetamine labs in our area. Because those folks are often much closer to the routes and neighborhoods in which such activity is present, it is important they know what to look for, and how to respond to what they see.

Parkersburg Police Chief Joe Martin told of an incident in which sanitation workers properly responded to a fire on one of the trucks, so that evidence was able to be recovered that led to the arrest of two people.

“A lot of it was attributed to the awareness of the sanitation guys,” Martin said. ” … All the information we get, it helps.”

Our beautiful valley has its share of problems, and the people “in charge” are not always fully equipped to resolve them on their own. It is good to know those in positions of authority are seeking the help they need from all corners of the community to do their jobs. The rest of us must be certain we are giving them the help they need.