We must do better

FDR is one of my heroes and for all his faults he had more love for America, compassion for the poor and downtrodden and faith in the human spirit than anyone since, except possibly President Kennedy. FDR also had the inner strength, courage and strength of character necessary to fight the fights needed at that time.

He stood up for America and we persevered. During his “Fireside Chats,” he was the “daddy” the frightened American people needed. The people trusted FDR and grew to love him. Is it any wonder that the “Greatest Generation” was great? They had a leader they could follow into Hell and come out the other side victorious. Everything FDR did was as fair as possible for the industrialists and capitalists and to include a measure of fairness for the working man. The WPA and CCC were programs that gave jobs to people, not free money. All of the projects were planned to benefit every American through the infrastructure built at the time.

Social Security was a worker- and employer-funded insurance program that became a pension at 62 or 65. Social Security is self-sustainable, except when the President and Congress choose to steal the funds for their own pet projects.

It should be enough for those people in America who have all the advantages to be happy at their good fortune. But no! They must be selfish and mean-spirited and begrudge the assistance we, the taxpayer, give to those in need. Let’s not forget the unemployed who paid into the Unemployment Insurance Program and depend on it to help maintain their lifestyle during the vicissitudes of the market when they lose their jobs.

We know there are 47 million Americans who are food insecure and there are 17 million American children who go to bed hungry or go to school hungry. We know this limits their ability to learn and reduces their potential. So when you all talk about “these people” pulling themselves up by their bootstraps, just remember, you are taking their bootstraps from under them with your hateful attitudes and lack of compassion.

I really hate it when anyone says “we can do better.” Yes, we can do better but we have to stop being snakes in the grass and start being the help in time of trouble.

Michael K. DiClemente