Not the way to do a job

Today I was standing on my porch above our garage watching my son play, and the trash service comes to collect the garbage. Instead of picking up all the garbage that was left for removal, they leave some of it in front of my garage door, in the street, and on the ground and just throw my trash can down where they wanted, knowing I’m watching, including leaving my neighbors trash can across the street in another neighbor’s driveway.

I call the city sanitation department and lodged a complaint about their service and what happened. A foreman was dispatched to my home within 10 minutes and sees the mess left behind, and speaks to me about what happened. He immediately calls them back to my street address to fix the problem. He tells them he isn’t going to put up with these kind of complaints and it’s uncalled for. I said the same thing, and thanked them for immediately correcting the issue. He sent them on their way and thanked me for bringing it to their attention. I told him I know if code enforcement was to come through here and see that kind of mess, they would fine me and raise all kinds of crap about it being there. He agreed and apologized, and said if it happens again, don’t hesitate to call again. Trust me, I won’t.

If I provided that kind of service in my line of work, not only would I be out of a job, but I would most likely cost my company the job that is there for me to work.

I know these guys won’t see my post most likely, but they provide a service to our community, which helps maintain clean streets and a little bit of beautification for our neighborhoods by removing the waste left to be disposed of.

If I can tell them one thing to help them better perform their job it would be this: Provide the same type of service they would expect of someone else providing to them. If they don’t want someone leaving garbage on their property, don’t leave garbage on someone else’s property.

Delano Farley