Calhoun Schools to look at cuts

MT ZION – Administrators and the Calhoun County Board of Education will meet in June to discuss possible cuts following the defeat this week of a $600,000 school operating levy.

Voters in Calhoun County defeated the levy in Tuesday’s primary in a split vote, with about 122 votes separating the two. The levy, which would have provided money for facility maintenance and operation and funds for transportation and some extra-curricular activities, needed only a simple majority to pass.

Interim Superintendent Dan Metz said the board will meet in June with incoming Superintendent Tim Woodward.

“The board will be having conversations as to what the next steps will be, whether it’s long-range cuts or things that have to be done immediately,” Metz said. “They’ll also decide whether they want to put the levy back out in November or something else. All of those discussions will have to start in the June board meeting.”

Without the levy’s operating funds, the school system cannot afford the system without cuts, he said.

“Everything will have to be on the table,” he said. “Anything that is not mandated has to be put on the table.”

Metz said with the defeat of the levy, officials will be making some tough decisions in the months to come.

“We’re disappointed, but this is where we are at the moment,” he said.

Metz will says he will be stepping down as interim superintendent in about a week and will not be part of the coming budget discussions.

“I’ve enjoyed my time here,” he said Friday. “They are great people in Calhoun County. They care about their kids. It’s just unfortunate we are in this situation.”