Wood BOE hires Edge for Blennerhassett

PARKERSBURG – Randy Edge has been named the new principal of Blennerhassett Middle School.

The Wood County Board of Education Tuesday voted 5-0 to hire Edge, who has been assistant principal at Williamstown High School for the past three years. During that time Edge also served as interim principal for nearly 18 months while Principal Pat Peters was on sick leave.

“We think he has experience at the middle school level and at the high school level to be a good fit for Blennerhassett,” said Superintendent Pat Law. “At Williamstown High School he’s had to do both the middle school and high school jobs, so it is something he is well familiar with. He’s bringing some good experience, some good background to the job, and we think he will do well at Blennerhassett.”

Prior to working at Williamstown High, Edge spent two years as principal at Van Devender Middle School, and he has coached both wrestling and football as Blennerhassett. Edge has worked for 30 years for Wood County Schools.

Edge said Friday he was excited for the opportunity to serve as principal of Blennerhassett Middle School.

“I’m honored to have the opportunity,” he said. “I met with the staff on Wednesday, even though I won’t officially start until July 1. The most important thing I know about Blennerhassett is there is a lot I don’t know, so I will be working very closely with the staff to find that common ground and goals.”

Edge will succeed former Principal Jim Hostottle, who died in February. Hostottle’s death deeply affected the school and community and Edge said he will have large shoes to fill.

“Jim had a big influence in three communities, Blennerhassett, Williamstown and Van Devender, and I knew him and worked in all of those places,” Edge said. “I’m honored to be the guy taking his place at Blennerhassett.”

Edge said he hopes his experience in both middle and high schools will help him better prepare Blennerhassett Middle students for life beyond the school.

“I have seen some of the demands and needs for middle school kids when they move over to the high school, and I think I will be able to help them prepare for that transition,” he said.