Evening of Honors

VIENNA – Three people were honored for their contributions at the Ohio Valley University Evening of Honors on the university campus Tuesday.

Felice Jorgeson, director of the Smoot Theatre, was honored as the 2014 Mid-Ohio Valley Citizen of the Year. Richard Adams, chairman and chief executive officer of United Bankshares Inc., and his wife Liza Adams were honored as the 2014 Mid-Ohio Valley Business Leaders of the Year.

Marty Davis, marketing director of the Ohio Valley University, said the night of honor takes place every other year to honor leaders in the local community. They were also honored with the keys to the cities.

“Essentially this is to give honor where honor is due,” he said. “They are exemplary citizens and they have done a lot in community service to promote growth and the common good in the community.”

Davis said the honorees are chosen by a committee assembled by the mayors of Parkersburg, Vienna and Williamstown. He said they go through lists of nominees and make the selection. Davis said Tuesday’s honorees were the sixth group.

Jorgeson said the award was a great honor.

“It’s a big honor and the great thing is it gets the name of the Smoot Theatre out there,” she said.

Jorgeson said the theater has done a lot for the children in the community and education in the performing arts.

“My background is music; it all began with that,” she said. “From that stemmed all we have done for the young people; they are our real focus. What we have given to the community is a safe environment for them to learn about the arts.”

Richard Adams said they were happy to be part of the university through the honor.

“We are happy to be a part of Ohio Valley University and everything they have accomplished in the community,” he said. “Evidence of that is the scholarship; we are glad to be part of a quality organization.”

Liza Adams said the honor was a wonderful thing for them.

“This is a wonderful thing for us and it is so nice to be here,” she said.

Adams said they have worked to help make the Mid-Ohio Valley area a great place to live.

“It is important to do things for our community; we need to make it the best we can make it in all areas, whether it’s in the churches, whether it’s in the schools, whether it’s the children or the theater,” she said. “We need to do everything we can to make Parkersburg, Vienna and Williamstown the top cities in the entire state. We will do anything we can to help this area to achieve being the top area in the state.”

At the end of the event, the Citizen of the Year scholarship was awarded to Ohio Valley University student Madison Morgan, a student completing her first semester and a 2011 graduate of Parkersburg High School. Morgan said the thing she has gained from the school is all the connections she has been able to make with others.

“I have made a lot of friends and connections with people at this school I think I will have for the rest of my life,” she said.