An unflattering review of the city

I wrote a review of the city of Parkersburg, W.Va., on one of their Facebook pages this morning. That review will never see the light of day I am sure. Some background: My wife and I have both suffered life-threatening diseases in the last 10 years, hers continues and is terminal. That 10 years has been one nightmare after another and has bled us dry emotionally and financially.

When in this situation, bill juggling becomes an unwanted hobby. Last month it came to a head with a cutoff notice from the Parkersburg Utility Board, a part of the city government as far as I can see. I called them and explained that the cutoff notice and our income were off by three days, and could they please wait that three days. “No” was the answer and I was told to seek help from the DHHR. On checking their website and rules I found that the income limits were so low that we would be considered positively affluent.

Whether by accident or design the water was not cut off until after I had paid, so I favor accident. This morning I woke up to the situation of no water and will have to wait out the three days until payday. No water or sanitation, nursing a sick wife.

So, my review of the city of Parkersburg is not very flattering, being trapped here with no way out puts you in the inner circles of Hell, a godless, money-worshipping hell that likes to wear its Christianity on its sleeve.