Show me a team with 4 QBs…

A wise man once wrote….. “If you tell me you have two quarterbacks then you’re really telling me that you have none.”

If that is true, what would he say about four?

That’s the case in Morgantown these days after fourth-year head coach Dana Holgorsen released his post-spring drills depth chart. There it was in plain sight at quarterback-Clint Trickett at first team with Fairmont State transfer Logan Moore, senior-to-be Paul Millard and junior college transfer Skylar Howard locked in at second team.

Defenders of the realm will be quick to point out that Holgorsen has made a decision. Trickett, the son of Florida State offensive line coach Rick Trickett, is the man. But, others will be just as fast to question how a quarterback who never took a snap in the spring could be anointed as the team’s top offensive weapon.

Maybe this was the only way the former Oklahoma State offensive coordinator could guarantee that he would have enough signal-callers with experience in camp when fall drills begin. Ford Childress left the program before the spring arrived while Millard toyed with the idea of becoming a member of West Virginia’s baseball team.

Let’s face it. Going into a season that opens with a contest against a perennial national championship contender like Alabama is difficult enough.

But having to face a Crimson Tide defense with a quarterback with little or perhaps no game experience could prove disasterous.

Naming a quarterback who has yet to be ‘officially’ cleared to practice as your No. 1 signal-caller is dangerous.

But it’s not as dangerous as heading into a season with one that threw as many interceptions as he did touchdowns the year before or having to depend on a pair of transfers.

No one is saying that any of the three reserves-Moore, Millard or Howard-aren’t capable of taking over the No. 1 spot. But, Holgorsen’s depth chart choice told me that none of them elevated their game to the point during the spring that it made him comfortable in naming someone other than Trickett as the team’s top thrower.

And, let’s not forget that there will be another name thrust into the mix at the beginning of summer camp. Incoming freshman William Crest has some fans wondering if he won’t be the program’s next Pat White.

For a program whose coaches spent as much time complaining about how hard it was to prepare for an opponent when it had to split reps between three quarterbacks, it’s hard to understand why it would head into the next season with as many as five vying for the starting job.

Fans can only hope that Holgorsen, as well as offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach Shannon Dawson, will use the summer to narrow down their list of prospective starters or will, at least, have each on a short leash.

If not, we can expect to have another season of rotating quarterbacks and more losses than wins.

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