School leaders need values

Its about time for Christians to fight back in this day and age. Our school system seems to be picking sides. Last month, a teacher was suspended for allegedly posting, from his home, his disapproval of a club at Parkersburg South. As a parent of a teen and a pre-teen, I do not want my kids being able to go to a classroom and discuss with a stranger about their sexuality. School is a place to get an education at and worry about grades. Leave the parenting to my husband, pastor, our God, and myself.

It’s time to bring Mr. Foggin back. He is an excellent teacher and by no means promoted the bullying in school. I hear people say it’s not right to judge. There is nothing left to judge, it is now time to take a stand. My Bible says man should not lay with man and women should not lay with woman. So with my rights. I should not be expected to accept homosexuality. My tax money pays for our schools too, so I should have a say in the matter.

Now recently, Christianity takes another blow because some group in Wisconsin was offended by some T-shirts worn by the wrestling team of South. The Board of Education gave in to this group just like the gay/straight alliance. It’s now time for Christians to stand up and express our rights, too. Someone at the Board of Education needs to show some backbone and tell these groups to mind their own business for a change. When does the Board of Education stand up for the majority and the minority? It’s time we put leaders with moral values to lead our schools.

Tracy Pahl

Mineral Wells