NRA is not the enemy

Recently, the media covered stories about a woman who used a hammer to kill her husband. A woman used her high heel “stiletto” shoe to kill her boyfriend. A boy used two kitchen knives to slash 20 people at his school. These weren’t the first murders, or attempted murders, committed without the use of firearms. It is doubtful they will be the last.

Some will argue that the school boy killed no one. Miraculously, he didn’t. Per media coverage, he missed the carotid artery of one of his slashing victims by about one centimeter. With her carotid artery severed, that female victim would probably have died. When they intend to kill, murderers don’t need firearms.

Short and to the point: Law-abiding citizens should not be lumped with criminals. Considering legal firearm owners potential murderers equates to considering carpenters with hammers as potential murderers. Should hammer owners register their hammers? What about axes? “Someone” used one on Lizzy Borden’s family. Shouldn’t we use common sense and punish those who actually commit crimes? Drunken drivers have killed or injured tens of thousands throughout the years. Should all automobile owners be punished?

A recent letter maligned the NRA as self-serving liars. I offer this rebuttal in defense of the NRA. In 1995, Sen. Diane Feinstein categorically stated, “If I could get 51 votes in the Senate for an outright ban, I would tell ‘Mr. and Mrs. America,’ turn ’em all in,” referring to our firearms. The NRA didn’t say it. Ms. Feinstein did. She intends to disarm America. Research it for yourself. Some still refuse to believe very powerful members of our government intend to confiscate our firearms. Feinstein, Reid, Pelosi, and Obama are very real threats to our Constitution, not just the Second Amendment.

There are those who will disagree with this viewpoint. They are entitled to their opinion. Mine is based on published facts. Read for yourself the categorical statements by “leaders” who definitely do wish to disarm American. They aren’t the NRA.

Joseph C. Duckworth