Books combine literature, food

Two new books came out that blend fiction favorites and cooking or meals!

First is New York Times bestselling author Jackie Collins’ “The Lucky Santangelo Cookbook.” Collins’ character shares her favorite 100 recipes that she’s gained from family and friends through her crazy adventures!

There’s cocktail recipes like Gino the Ram’s Special Spicy Bloody Marys, appetizers like Chorizo-Chocolate Tapas, pasta appetizers like Rigatoni with Bacon and Shiitake Mushrooms, entrees like Duck Burgers with Onion Marmalade, Lucky’s Luscious Meatballs and Santangelo Salmon, side dishes like Creamy Peas with Tarragon, sauces like Lucky’s Best Besciamella Sauce and desserts like Butterscotch Pie and Flourless Chocolate Cake.

For fans of the characters and Collins, this is a fun way to connect with both and enjoy some great recipes!

“The Lucky Santangelo Cookbook” is published by St. Martin’s Press. It is $27.99.


Graphic designer Dinah Fried creates an ode to 50 literary works and famous meals mentioned in them with photographs recreating them in “Fictitious Dishes.”

Each photo is paired with an excerpt of the work. There is chowder eaten during “Moby Dick,” apple pie and ice cream consumed by Jack Kerouac, jelly made by Meg in “Little Women,” tea that the second Mrs. DeWinter is enjoying in “Rebecca,” Scarlett’s yams, buckwheat cakes and ham that she is eating before the big party in “Gone with the Wind,” cookies and raspberry cordial (but it’s not raspberry cordial, Anne!) that Anne serves Diana in “Anne of Green Gables” and more.

This is a fun book just to look through and relive classic works of literature through a food eye view.

“Fictitious Dishes” is published by Ecco. It is $19.99.


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