Guns help protect people from crime

Finally some good news. According to the Washington times the conceal carry gun laws in Illinois have led to the lowest crime rate in Chicago in 50 years! The city is experiencing the lowest murder rate since 1958.

These rampant gun crimes are happening in gun-free zones and are highest where conceal carry is not allowed. Guns were not allowed in the movie theater in Colorado, Fort Hood (both times) and all the school shootings in history.

I was in Germany in 2002 when an expelled student went into a school in Erfurt and killed 16 people with presumed stolen guns. Stolen because he was not allowed by law to own a firearm in one of the strictest gun control countries in the world.

In almost all of these cases a crime has preceded the crime. The criminals will always have (or steal) guns and everyone knows that a disarmed populace is easily controlled. Just ask Mao, Hitler and Comrade Stalin. After they took away all the guns they collectively killed at least 100 million of their own people. It’s an unfortunate fact that I am able to write this letter, and you can write an opposing one, because guns were necessary to secure this right. It wasn’t done with pitchforks and broom handles. Would you and your family rather sit in a movie theater where conceal carry is allowed and there are legal carriers around you or a movie theater that clearly posts no weapons?

The Chicago police superintendent wants us to believe that the drop in crime is due to “intelligent policing strategies.” I wonder why they haven’t been so intelligent in the past 50 years. Perhaps it’s from some new strategies they have learned on Facebook or Twitter. In reality it is because the State legislature got their heads out of their bazookas and put some trust back in its law abiding citizens. Thank God for the Constitution, the Second Amendment and Oliver Winchester.

Bryan Waller