Pay attention, Vienna residents

I attended the special budget and council meeting Tuesday (15th). The budget and overall council for the third year in a row kept the levy on home residences at the same level.

The home rule issue is another scam on the people of this area as what the city is planning is a reduction on the B&O tax from 50 cents on the $100 to a max reduction of 35 cents on the $100. This equates to a maximum reduction of 15 cents on the $100; $1.50 on the $1,000; $15 on $10,000 and a $150 on a gross income of $100,000 a year. How many of the estimated 600 businesses in this area make $100,000 gross per year? Take out the obvious: Sears, Penny’s, Belk, Sam’s, Walmart as examples and we are left with very few that will benefit from this so-called “benefit.”

Any business that has a margin of success and depends on a $150 to survive maybe should not be in business. And all can be assured that no business will decide to stay or go from here; hire or fire based on that “saving.” But be very assured that Rapp and crew are after that 1 percent sales tax for even more income to spend, spend, and spend.

The current budget passed did not truly reflect the expenses coming up this year. I attempted to get the data on the new health care plan and so far have been denied by the city. In a recent article, the city alleged only a $33K increase in the upcoming 2014-2015 budget because of health care. This was more of the half-truths, deceit, deception and misinformation that flow so easily on the tongues of the city administration. I said more like a $150K increase if they got lucky. If the city ever provides the information as I asked in a FOIA weeks ago, the truth will come out; I don’t expect to be the one with most errors on this.

Simply put; the city council does not represent the city. It represents the employees; the council and about 1,500-1,800 in the various special interest groups. You need to start paying attention friends/neighbors.

Lawrence Wilson