Feed To Achieve! Really?

In response to “Schools must increase effort in food program,” how in the world did we get to a point in our country when our schools became responsible for feeding our children instead of us the parents? I can remember in the early ’50s when the cafeteria opened in Lincoln School and a hot meal was available for lunch instead of a bag lunch. This was definitely more nutritious, but I’m sure we would have survived without it.

What has happened to parent(s) that can get their kid up for school, fix them breakfast, pack a lunch or provide money for one, and fix a meal in the evening for their children? We then turn around and talk about the rampant obesity in our younger children and the medical problems that go along with it. We should be doing more to get our youth more involved with physical activity before, during and after school, and taking more responsibility as parents and grandparents.

Paul Hickman