Science-fiction, shapeshifters in books

Time travel, shapeshifters and chosen fighters are just a few stories in new books this week!

A first novel explores time travel as an English lord gets “lost” in the future in Bee Ridgway’s “The River of No Return.”

Lord Nicholas Davenant is fighting in the Napoleonic Wars, about to become another casualty of the war, when suddenly he finds himself in a strange land. Nick has somehow been thrust into present day, and he is not the first person from the past under extreme stress to somehow use unknown powers to fling themselves into the future. The mysterious Guild oversees all time travelers, setting them up with modern day histories, wealth and a new life. Nick is thrust into the inner circle of the Guild, working for the Alderwoman herself. He is needed for a mission against a rebellious group springing up against the Guild. But are the people he is working for all that they appear?

Meanwhile in the past, Julia Percy’s beloved grandfather has died, and taken with him the secret of how to stop time. Her power hungry cousin wants her grandfather’s secrets, but Julia doesn’t know any of them. When the stress of her situation gets to her, she soon learns that not all of grandfather’s power is lost – she seems to have inherited his ability as well. When Lord Nicholas Davenant miraculously reappears after being considered dead in the war, will he be an ally or an enemy?

This adventurous story combines history, science-fiction and romance into an engrossing tale that will keep readers guessing. There’s plenty of detail, compelling characters and thrills to go around pages!

“The River of No Return” is published by Plume. It is $16 and 452 pages long.


New York Times bestselling author Shelly Laurenston tells the story of a honey badger shapeshifter meets tiger/bear shape-shifter in “Bite Me.”

Livy’s family is far from ordinary. Not only is her family a group of honey badger shape-shifters, they are also criminals and con men. Livy has had enough of their drama and does what she can to avoid them. She has to return home for her father’s funeral and finds her mother fighting her aunt over a claimed insurance policy, and then finds out that her mother has sent her criminally insane cousin to live with her so that Livy can deal with her. Having enough, Livy escapes to a “friend’s” house.

Her “friend” is Victor Barinov, a half-tiger/half-bear shapeshifter who works with a panda shapeshifter as an investigator. He and Livy have crossed paths before, and it’s not the first time she has literally holed up in his house. But if she’s going to stay there, he wants help on his latest case, and her breaking and entering skills just may come in handy. But will this case prove to be the death of both of them?

There’s plenty of humor, romance and danger in this paranormal series. Livy is a great “bad girl” and Vic just may be the one to tame her!

“Bite Me” is published by Brava. It is $15 and 375 pages long.


A young girl begins to fulfill her destiny as a fighter in the forces of good in Lisa T. Bergren’s “Remnants.”

Andriana knows she was born to be a Remnant – someone born to fight the forces of darkness and help save humanity with the aid of her Knight protector, a boy named Ronan. Having spent most of her childhood training, she and Ronan are called up along with Vidar and Bellona, another Remnant and Knight, to fight against the Sons of Sheol. They soon find their first mission is to rescue a young woman with special powers that is also on their side, who is living in one of the most dangerous towns in their land, Zanzibar. Though Andriana thought she was prepared for her life, she soon learns that she has never anticipated the danger that will surround her – nor the feelings she is beginning to have for Ronan, ones that Remnant and Knight should not have. Does he feel the same? And will their feelings completely ruin their mission?

This is part dystopian, part fantasy, and part young adult romance novel.

There’s plenty of genre-bending twists and Andriana is a sympathetic heroine for readers. Readers can enjoy more stories of these teen heroes to come.

“Remnants” is published by Blink. It is $15.99 and 304 pages long.


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