Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

UP: To Parkersburg taking another step toward becoming the low-budget horror film capital of the universe. On April 26, an open casting call will be held for the movie, “The Axeman of Henderson County,” which will star former West Virginia University quarterback Major Harris. The casting call for 25 to 30 speaking parts will be held at the Hillbilly Sandwich Shack at 47 Staunton Ave.

UP: To Parkersburg South High School sophomore Kenzie Pigott who was awarded the West Virginia Jr. Bowhunter of the Year Award for 2013 on March 15 at the annual W.Va. Bowhunters Association Banquet in Flatwoods. Pigott, the daughter of Kevin and Bridget Pigott, took up archery at the age of 6. She is an avid bowhunter and has written several essays for Bowhunter magazine and has won numerous prizes for those essays.

DOWN: To President Barack Obama’s foreign policy – or lack of one – that has allowed Russian President Vladimir Putin to move unchecked in the Crimea and now the Ukraine, threatening to bring instability to the whole region. While Obama has threatened – as he did with Syria – the world has watched helplessly while Putin continues his brinksmanship. The sad fact is Americans needing hospital care have more to fear from Obama’s policies than does Putin.

UP: To the city of Williamstown for being named a National Arbor Day Foundation Tree City USA for the 30th year. The designation makes Williamstown the longest-running Tree City USA member in West Virginia. A ceremony will be held at 2 p.m. Friday at Tomlinson Park to mark the occasion.

UP: To Wood County Sheriff’s Department deputies P.L. Allen and D.D. Matheny for their successful pursuit Monday of an escaped pet emu. The emu, a large ostrich-like bird native to Australia, got out of its pen in Waverly and caused a stir with traffic in the area. After the owner’s unsuccessful attempts to lasso the bird it became agitated and took off with deputies and the bird’s owner following on foot south on W.Va. 2 and onto Old St. Marys Pike, Wood County 16/7, for almost 10 minutes. Deputies finally were able to tackle the bird and it was returned home.