Casting call for horror film

PARKERSBURG – An open casting call will be held for parts in a horror film due to be filmed in the Parkersburg area beginning in May.

The movie, called “The Axeman of Henderson County,” will be a feature-length movie filmed by Semi-Charmed Productions in the Parkersburg area in May, said Larry Parmiter, co-owner of the company.

The film, which will star Major Harris, former West Virginia University football player, may include other famous names as well, Parmiter said. The company is in negotiations with several big names for the movie, Parmiter said.

The casting call for the movie will take place on Tuesday and on April 26 from 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Hillbilly Sandwich Shack at 47 Staunton Ave. in Parkersburg. Participants from ages 18 to 75 are invited.

The casting calls will be used to cast 25 to 30 speaking parts, as well as five non-speaking extras, Parmiter said.

Anyone who wishes to be included in the movie, even as an extra, must attend one of the casting calls.

Filming will begin in early May and will last seven to 10 days, Parmiter said. Filming will take place Monday through Friday, including day and night shoots.

The film crew consists of people who have participated in other locally filmed horror movies, Parmiter said.

Parmiter and his wife, Cindy Parmiter, created Semi-Charmed Productions to bring life to their horror film idea. This will be the company’s first movie, but they have wanted to create this film for years, Larry Parmiter said.

“The Axeman of Henderson County” is based on historical accounts from the early 1900s, Cindy Parmiter said.

Cindy Parmiter wrote the script for the film. The events have been modernized and will be filmed with a generic setting that everyone can relate to, she said.

The storyline follows the three-man sheriff team who are hunting for an ax murderer in the area, Cindy Parmiter said. It was described as a thriller plot line with occasional bloody scenes.